Posted by: drmiw | July 22, 2009

Setting the agenda for a cloud computing conference

A couple of days ago, I got asked to help put together the agenda for an upcoming cloud computing conference in London: the inaugural Cloud Computing World Forum 2009. The organisers’ draft agenda was a pretty good start but it just needed a bit of reorganising and a few extra elements to tie it all together.

I asked myself what I would like from a cloud computing event and, without boring you with the text from my detailed critique, here is a flavour of some of the suggestions I made:

  • In the keynote I think it might be worth giving a little history lesson culminating with some reasons why cloud computing is taking off right now: the technology has come of age and the credit crunch makes it financially attractive
  • For the first part of session one the competitive landscape could be discussed: the players, big and small; consolidation of suppliers; and the predicted growth of the market
  • Session 3 is all about IT operations and service delivery so ITiL could get a mention – which suppliers are doing things the right way?
  • Add a talk on some of the latest developments in cloud computing to session 4, which can then lead into the panel: which ones do they think will take off?
  • You could also add a talk on developments in connectivity like CN21 in the UK, which could really help cloud computing become standard practice
  • And how about a talk on how very small business can get their cloud computing for free?

Now, I don’t expect all my suggestions to make it into the final agenda, but it looks like it should be a good event and I’m looking forward to attending.


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