Posted by: drmiw | January 31, 2010

Reported cloud outages for Amazon, Google, Microsoft and in 2008 and 2009

I researched and prepared the following table for the book I’m writing and I was amazed by the frequency of cloud outages. If you find any errors or omissions in the table please let me know!

Service outage Date Duration Source
Amazon S3 Feb 15 2008 4 hours cnet
Amazon EC2 Apr 07 2008 1 hour techcrunch
Amazon S3 Jul 20 2008 8.5 hours amazon
Amazon EC2 Jun 11 2009 7 hours cnet
Amazon EC2 Dec 09 2009 1 to 5 hours datacenterknowledge
Google App Engine Jun 17 2008 7 hours softpedia
Google Gmail Jul 16 2008 2.5 hours pcworld
Google Apps & Gmail Aug 06 2008 about 15 hours pcworld
Google Gmail Aug 11 2008 1.5 hours gmailblog
Google Gmail Aug 15 2008 more than 24 hours pcworld
Google Gmail Oct 16 2008 30 hours pcworld
Google Gmail Feb 24 2009 2.5 hours googleblog
Google Gmail Mar 09 2009 up to 22 hours cnet
Google network May 14 2009 2 hours arbornenetworks
Google App Engine Jul 02 2009 6 hours techcrunch
Google Gmail Sep 01 2009 2 hours gmailblog
Google Gmail Sep 24 2009 2.5 hours cnet
Microsoft Windows Live Feb 26 2008 About 6 hours microsoft watch
Microsoft Hotmail Mar 12 2009 5 hours networkworld
Microsoft Azure Mar 13 2009 22 hours networkworld
Microsoft Sidekick Oct 04 2009 6 days + total loss of contact data cnet Feb 11 2008 6 hours zdnet Jan 06 2009 1 hour The Register


  1. […] The results stem from research conducted by Mark Williams, a cloud computing consultant based out of the United Kingdom who is writing a book about cloud computing. Overall duration of the outages are based upon Williams research. He is actively looking for more instances of outages and is asking people to report examples of problems. […]

  2. I’m not sure if you count it or not, but Rankspace has been down a fair bit.

    • Hi Scott,

      Yes you’re right. The four companies I mentioned are just famous examples or providers who experienced outages that were reported – they are not alone. I decided to just research four companies for the book because the table was getting big and my deadline was fast approaching!

      Thanks for your comment.


  3. I am surprised to see some of the downtime lasting a whole day. This level of downtime is not acceptable if you run a business.

    • Yes, and Salesforce and Google Apps are the two products you guys implement for your customers (according to your website). How do you get around objections to do with cloud outages? Do you have any good stats on internal IT outages to draw comparison with?

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