Posted by: drmiw | March 5, 2012

Google Drive update

Just over two years ago I reported on the then new Memeo Connect ‘G drive’ for Google Docs, which some of my readers found a bit disappointing, but things have moved on since then.

Google Cloud Storage is now available to anyone – not just Google Apps developers – and Gladinet have released some step-by-step instructions on how to map a drive to Google Cloud Storage using free or paid versions of their software; but it’s a manual process to map the drive.

A much easier solution for those just looking for an alternative to Dropbox that automatically integrates a local folder with their Google Docs data is Insync but, unlike Dropbox, it’s a Beta product and it doesn’t yet work With Linux. On Windows it works great, though, and I found it very easy to install.

I think Google should have just bitten the bullet and released their own easy-to-use applications for synching Google Docs with desktop operating systems years ago, but they want us to work in the cloud all the time and, preferably, use Google Chrome as our OS of choice, so they left G Drive solutions to others.



  1. Well, unbeknownst to me Google were quietly busy beavering away and finally released their Google Drive in April 2012 – see

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