Posted by: drmiw | November 7, 2012

SICSA DEMOfest 2012

SICSA DEMOfest 2012

SICSA, The Scottish Informatics & Computer Science Alliance, held its annual DEMOfest yesterday, and I was an invited guest thanks to my company’s membership of ScotlandIS. There were 52 stands manned by academics from all over Scotland who talked confidently and enthusiastically about their researches. The large poster displays provided lengthy and detailed summaries but the information was, in the main, too densely packed and required several reads to grasp their meaning so it was a good job the researchers were there to take questions.

Not every idea presented was a winner, in my opinion, but that’s the nature of research and there were enough good ideas to keep me interested.

I had a long chat with Dr Jan Auernhammer who recently gained his doctorate from Edinburgh Napier University. His Freiraum model for encouraging creativity in large organisations was a familiar paradigm to me and reminded me of my corporate days at NG Bailey, as well as Google’s 80/20 innovation model, but he is convinced that his methodology is a novel approach and I was very impressed by his passion and enthusiasm. He will do well.

On the cloud computing front there were was Services2Cloud, a project based in St Andrews University that aims to help software providers find the right pricing model for selling their software as a service. And loosely related to ‘cloud’ was Raspberry Pi Cloud from Glasgow University which is effectively a supercomputer in miniature.

And finally, with my DPAG Scotland hat on, I was very impressed with dot.rural which is a UK-wide scheme involving ’79 researchers from 11 different disciplines working together to transform rural areas through the user-led application of digital technology’. Again the passion from the lady I spoke to was tangible. There’s some great stuff going on out there!


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