Posted by: drmiw | April 29, 2015

DigiScot Glasgow 2015

On April 21 2015 I represented Muon Consulting at the DigiScot Glasgow event, which was organised by SCVO and held in the Royal Concert Hall. I met with representatives from other Digital Participation Charter signatories and the aim for the afternoon session was “to share [our] stories and forge new partnerships”.

Welcome Charter signatories

BT Scotland’s Brendan Dick, in his role as Chair of the Digital Participation Leadership Group, opened the afternoon session. He said the the Digital Charter is about “real engagement to help make a difference”, and that great progress has been made on Digital Participation projects in the past year, but we now need to scale up. He said the role of Charter signatories in sharing resources, learning and capabilities, is “absolutely essential if we are to change lives for the better”.

Sharing & Exchange: Identifying Opportunities

Photo of presenter showing a Prezi presentation

Desmond Bernie introducing some of the innovative ideas behind This for That

Desmond Bernie and Donagh Horgan gave presentations on their new Glasgow-based social enterprise This for That CIC, which could prove to be a key enabler for sharing between Charter signatories. Here is how they were described in the event programme:

This for That CIC is a new social enterprise set up in Glasgow around the circular economy. Alongside partners such as GSEN and GCC they are building an online platform for organisations to share resources and skill in a task-and-reward barter system. Their ambition is to unlock unused and redundant resource so that organisations across sectors can collaborate to deliver social impact. As a Digital Charter signatory they are committed to building a safe online space where civic society groups can transact with the public and private sectors.

In their presentation they said their online exchange platform is at the alpha development stage. No money will be exchanged on the platform but other rewards can be given so contributing organisations can get something back. They also showed the following video.



The aims for the workshop that followed were to:

  1. enable participants to map their resources and needs; and
  2. provide an opportunity for participants to share mutual ideas and ambitions for collaborations in digital participation across Scotland going forward.

We sat in groups at round tables and completed A3 worksheets, sharing our own ‘this for that’ ideas. I shared a table with a great bunch, including Martin Dewar (Stay Bright) and Liz Green (YouthLink) who both gave their thoughts on the event in the video below (I can be seen in a group shot!).

For my part, I mentioned our digital skills, our work in local schools, and our willingness to join in other projects and help train Scottish citizens to participate digitally.

Feedback, summary and thanks

Chris Yiu, Director of Digital Participation, SCVO, wrapped up the event by thanking everyone who had helped make it possible. He said that over 53 Digital Participation projects have already been funded through the Challenge Fund, which is supported by the Scottish Government and the European Structural Fund. £200,000 worth of awards have so far been made available to community digital participation projects across Scotland, along with additional in-kind support (e.g. donations of equipment and volunteers) provided by Charter signatories.

I was actively involved in Scotland’s original Digital Participation Action Group, but it’s only now, with SCVO’s involvement, that we have any real direction and momentum, and it’s great to see.


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